Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 4

Chorus by Terry Jude Miller 37 Twelve Hours to Go by Sy Roth 51 Writing in Blood by Steve Klepetar 38 Ambassador Trudging by Rikki Santer 53 Radioactive Zombie Marie Curie by Rachel J. Bennett 39 Personal Taste by Angel Zapata 54 A Body New by Richard King Perkins II 40 Grass Cutter by Daryl Muranaka 55 xxxxoo by Melissa Gordon 41 Letter Home by John Grey 56 Cold Oatmeal by Joshua Colwell 42 Anticipation of Spring by Howie Good 57 Gathering by Beth Konkoski 43 flower music by KC Heath 58 Throats by Tim McCarthy 44 Contributors 59 Marionettes by Steve Klepetar 50 Gyroscope Review 3 !