Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 31

Cinder-Esther by Daryl Muranaka She stands there, in the sky blue Disney dress and worn brown boots, munching on a hamantash, her “don’t mess with me” stare turned up to 11. This Cinderella is not going to bite the dust. But at the end of the party, the eyes of a little princess filled with pure, unmitigated plea the open hands, fingers out-stretched like sunflowers reaching for the sky, waiting for me to pick her up, let her wrap her arms around my neck. Just one more day when I will tell her that the world is not as bad as I found it that the monsters she sees are alive only in her head, that the Hamans who are real and unreal, the bad guys she doesn’t understand, that hate her for no reason, that hate the shape of things to come, must come through me first and I am waiting for them at the door. Purim 2014 Gyroscope Review 30 !