Gyroscope Review 15-1 - Page 3

Table of Contents From the Editors 4 Poplar Applause by Bret Norwood 6 Heart of Brightness by Oonah V Joslin 7 I Dream of Wellingtonias by Sally Evans 9 The Museum Fish by Steve Klepetar 10 To Keep It Safe by CD Sinex 11 Finding Her Feet in a Rough Spring by Mercedes Lawry 12 The Hurt Beech: September 2014 by James Graham 13 Change of State by Laurie Kolp 14 Bonfire by Angel Zapata 15 Aunt Esther’s Cookie Jar by Trina Gaynon 16 Anxious by Beth Konkoski 17 Into the Fold by Brittany Renee Williams 18 Analog by Rachel J. Bennett 19 I Reach Across the River of Time by Steve Klepetar 20 Follow Him by Rikki Santer 21 Aubade by Ken Poyner 22 Crooked Pinkies by Laurie Kolp 23 Ferris Wheel by Sarah Marchant 24 Now We Will Speak in Flowers by Micki Blenkush 25 A Poem about Maria Teresa by James Graham 27 When I Die and Go to Heaven by Kenneth Pobo 29 Cinder-Esther by Daryl Muranaka 30 Nursery Rhyme by Anne E. Michael 31 Level with Birdsong by Rachel J. Bennett 32 The Robot’s Self Diagnostic by Ken Poyner 34 Road Trip by Angel Zapata 35 Grifters Among Us by Mercedes Lawry 36 Gyroscope Review 2 !