Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 42 No. 1 - WINTER 2018 | Page 5

Editor’s Notes After the pummeling the Gulf Coast took in 2017, I was reminded of the article below written in 1962 by Harold Wells about the 1961 Hurricane Carla... The Good Side of Hurricane Carla That there can be a good side to such a destructive, terrifying great storm like Hurricane Carla is almost an unknown story. This tremendous storm was actually as great a benefactress to marine life as it was a destroyer for mankind. A great storm like Carla literally, and actually plows up the ocean bottom over all the area that it passes. This deep plowing releases great quantities of long buried chemicals of decay, which are the basic food of all sea vegetation. Everything in the sea must live on plants or on animals that do live on plants to obtain the necessary chemicals of life. Vegetation of the sea grows in enormous quantities, most of it invisible to the naked eye. A given area of sea produces many more tons of vegetation than a like area of land can produce. The greatest part of this vegetation is a microscopic plant called D IATOMS , which is so small and numerous that possibly every drop of sea water may contain two hundred or more of them. D IATOMS float freely in the sea and make their own food from chemicals in the water and sunlight. This one-cell microscopic plant is eaten by microscopic animals called Z OOPLANKTON . These are the food for larval Shrimp, Crabs and other miniature forms of marine life. This process of the larger eating the smaller continues up the scale, passing along the life-giving chemicals of sea vegetation. The abundance of chemicals plowed up from the decay on the sea bottom, greatly increases the quantity and quality of the basic food of all marine life. All growth and even the total number of any species of fish, is in direct relation to the amount of food available. Opening of long-closed old Passes to the Gulf, the deepening and scouring of channels caused by the great tides of Carla are considered by most people to be the only benefits of this storm. These are very important but (are temporary). But the enormous increase in both size and quantity, made possible by the huge increase in food, could last for years. So there is a good side to Hurricane Carla, for fishermen at least. It is predicted that 1962 will be the greatest fishing year that Gulf Coast fishermen have had in a long, long time. Order Your 2018 Advance Planning Wall Calendar Today! Order form located on the inside back cover of this issue of Gulf Coast Fisherman. Texas Coastal Property For Sale MLS 11332 MLS 11333 262 Dolphin Drive, Port Alto Dolphin Drive, Port Alto Beautiful waterfront 3/2 home in Port Alto on the Texas Gulf Coast. Lots of windows and massive deck overlook bulkheaded canal that leads to Carancahua Bay. Water and sewer through Sunilandings Utilities. Texas Gulf Coast bulkheaded lot (62’ X 113’) on canal in Port Alto. Water and sewer through Sunilandings Utilities. Adjacent to MLS 11332 Debbie Davis (361) 746-0170 “Whoever walks in integrity walks securely...” Proverbs 10:9 Serving Your Real Estate Needs Debra S. Davis, GRI 361-552-0170 [email protected] JANUARY • FEBRUARY • MARCH 2 0 1 8 5