Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 42 No. 1 - WINTER 2018 | Page 3

Our Readers Write Denny Willis, my fiance, caught his first keeper redfish measuring 27 inches in Redfish Bay near Rockport, Texas on October 7th 2017. He caught it on mullet in the evening while we were in our kayaks. I would love if you could post this as even after all the sadness of the storm, we find happiness from this catch! Andrea Waits Rockport, TX I have been fortunate to catch quite a bit of trout and redfish but had never caught a flounder in my life. I know the concept and the areas to look for but just never hooked one. This flounder was found along a drop-off. It was on my first cast that day! It was truly amazing. It was caught on a light rod and reel with a DOA shrimp. It measured in at 25 inches, and unfortunately it was not weighed. Christie Ambriz Raymondville, TX Here’s my first bull redfish caught in October at San Luis Pass. It was 42" in length and weighed 25.14 lbs. It was caught on a live shrimp, It would have been quite a sleigh ride if not for my anchor. It was so windy I was still slowly drifting for the bridge even with the anchor down. I had to paddle 1k meters with the anchor down and this leviathan on the line. I was starting to get pulled out to the ocean so I had to land my kayak. I face planted in the water, got up and reeled that sucker in! Other fishermen on the beach looked at me like I had two heads. I was just trying to land the catch of a lifetime. Chip Jelliffe For years I’ve admired your nice magazine cover photos of local fishermen at a moment of triumph! Well, a couple of weeks ago I snapped this photo of my kayak fishing partner, Stewart Hoffer, with his “personal best” speckled trout, 28.25 inches, measured and released. We were in Cold Pass fishing 5-ft. drop-offs with white glow Down South 5" paddletails. Five minutes later he also This is our son Cooper Westcott, 1, checking out the bait fish his dad caught on Fort Myers Beach, FL. An egret waits patiently on standby in hopes for lunch. Sara Westcott Fort Myers Beach, FL caught a frisky 21" speck, then me a 23" redfish. Great fun for two Houston lawyers who kayak fish all over the Texas coast! More fun than doing “law!” Keep up the fine magazine. It helps us catch fish. Don W. Pickels Houston, TX Send us a picture of your catch of the day with a brief explanation identifying who, what, when and where so we can feature you in “Our Readers Write”. [email protected] Gulf Coast Fisherman, PO Box 8, Port Lavaca, TX 77979 JANUARY • FEBRUARY • MARCH 2 0 1 8 3