Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol. 41, No. 2 | Page 5

Editor ’ s Notes

The spring season is often considered the official start of each new fishing season , but the actual feeling ( and smell ) of spring can occur much earlier – like January - on at least the Texas coast this year , as well as much of the rest of the Gulf Coast I ’ ve been told . Early mornings and mid to late afternoons especially have had just that “ feeling ”.

As in the Fall , early , cold temperatures in September and October can jumpstart fish migrations , most notably flounder . Mild winter temperatures would seem to do the opposite , and beckon fish that headed to the Gulf in the Fall to return early to the bays , a little ahead of schedule .
As mentioned , the most notable marker to bay fishermen of fish migrations would be the reds and flounder . Croaker were once also a dependable , and anticipated , participant in spring and fall migrations , but are not so reliable currently .
While most fishermen anticipate the fall migrations , especially of flounder , they overlook their return in the Spring , even though outstanding catches are made by those that fish the same routes the fish took on their way to the Gulf .
Two feature articles in this issue go into great detail on how and where to take advantage of the spring flounder run on the West and North Gulf Coast . Another article , while not so obviously about the spring flounder run , is in fact about the spring flounder run in Louisiana . Check out the “ Fly Guy ” department ’ s “ A Particular Preference ”, for a different twist in flounder fishing technique .
Don ’ t miss any of the articles in this issue , but particularly “ Bay Naturalist .” “ Reds and Oyster ’ s -Till the End ” has great perspective on their interrelation and there ’ s a super recipe included as well ! Enjoy !
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