Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 39 No 2 - Spring 2015 | Page 10

by Nate Skinner Rattle ‘em UP in Spring Winds “C lick, click, click…click, click.” The rattle of the topwater could barely be heard over the howling wind, as it whistled through the guides of the rod and ruffled my wading jacket. Nearly waste deep, waves splashed at my back as I walked the floating fake back and forth through the waves and on top of sandy, off-colored water. This was about as protected as we were going to get, tucked up against the south shoreline of East Galveston Bay. Suddenly, the rod was nearly ripped from my hands as the plug seemingly stopped, hitting a freight train that was headed in the opposite direction. I never saw the blow up among the white caps. As the rod bowed I could feel the familiar “headshaking” from a solid trout, and instantly the stiff breeze wasn’t nearly as irritating. High-pitched, noisy topwater plugs brought fish to the surface all morning when no other presentatio