Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol 38 No. 4 | Page 5

Editor’s Notes One of the most popular articles on the Gulf Coast Fisherman web site ( over many years, has been an article on how to build a crab trap. Crab traps aren’t that hard to find in stores but they are a little pricey. So, perhaps that’s the reason for the interest, as they can certainly be built cheaper but probably not as sturdy or long lasting as ones available at retail. Another reason might just be the general mystique and excitement that seems to surround crabs, especially when one is at the end of a young fisherman’s throw or drop line. So the next time the fish bite is slow, or to just add some extra excitement to a fishing trip for the young ones, toss or drop a crab line in the water and let the fun begin. Another surefire way to make a trip exciting for little fishermen is to bring along a cast net. Not only can it provide productive live bait for the trip, but kids are usually quite excited each time the net comes in, whether it’s full of shiny, jumping fish or just a few strange ones. This also offers a great opportunity to explain the food chain and ID the catch that comes in. It’s also a good time to point out which ones can be handled safely and the ones that are to be left alone, such as hard heads. One important lesson to teach is never, ever stomp a hard head, which I’ve seen happen more than once! As far as keeping your own mind in the game, one good way is to throw something that’s going to get bit. Several years ago I found one of the most lethal baits for reds were spinnerbaits. Winter, spring, summer or fall, they’d catch reds. But I also found specks and flounder were quite partial to them as well. There are many ways to fish them even though just pulling them through the water can be effective. For more in depth instructions on how to fish spinnerbaits, check out “Blades of Fury” in this issue by John Felsher. Many tips from seasoned fishermen can be found there on ways to work the bait to unleash its full effectiveness. Fall is a wonderful season on the Gulf coast and for all those ready for cooler weather, the time is here. But be careful of what you wish for, the summer had a July cold spell that crossed much of the nation and the Fall and Winter forecast in the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting below normal temperatures with coldest periods in “mid-and late December, early January, and mid-to late January.” Perfect periods for very hard freezes. So take care on the water this fall and, as usual, watch out for that other guy… See page 26 for advance planning beyond this issue! Order the 2015 Advance Planning Calendar on page 35 or at CHANGE OF ADDRESS? Don’t forget to send us your change of address at least forty-five days prior to the publication date of the first issue you need to have delivered to the new address. OCTOBER • NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2014 5