Gulf Coast Fisherman Magazine Vol. 38 - No. 1 | Page 6

by Nate Skinner THE BLACK DRUM RUN FISH FOR WHAT’S BITING THIS WINTER... T he clicker on one reel went off as the rod bowed. As I set the hook into what felt like a brick wall, a rod to the left began to bounce before bending steadily under the weight of another hefty fish. “They always do this,” came a voice from the helm. “They bite in spurts! Don’t be surprised if another hooks up, too!” As the cool southeast wind roughed up the Galveston channel, waves incessantly splashed the sides of our dainty craft. Any other time, I’d be wondering why in the world we were even out there, enduring such a beating! But amongst the dark clouds building with the approaching cold front, all negative thoughts were left ashore. We tightened up our jackets, and continued to hook fish after fish. The rods bent until we ran out of bait, and catching black drum had never been so fun! Years ago, that was my first experience of what many anglers refer to as the “Black Drum Run.” Aboard the first boat I’d ever bought, my longtime fishing partner and friend, Michael Plitt, introduced me to the art of targeting these fish on purpose. These weren’t just any drum, by the way, they were monsters with some weighing in at over 40 pounds. When the afternoon was over, w