Guitar Tricks Insider October/November Issue | Page 2

26. Backtrack 4. Essential Albums Jeff Beck remembers the singing guitar lines of “Where Were You”. Martin Barre and Steve Vai recommend albums for your collection. Martin Barre 1979 by Neil Zlozower - Atlas Icons Jeff Beck by Ken Settle 12. Riffing 30. Sound Advice Gary Moore on why Mark Knopfler is a one of a kind guitar player. Bob Weir developing rhythm guitar parts. Gary Moore 1984 by Neil Zlozower - Atlas Icons Bob Weir by Ken Settle 14. Nuggets Learn 8 great acoustic blues turnarounds. 2 20. Classic Corner 34. Cover Story The first song I ever learned: Buddy Guy, Jason Becker, and Zakk Wylde. Joe Bonamassa talks about the players that paved the way, playing tribute concerts, and capturing magic in the studio. Zakk Wylde by Robert Knight Joe Bonamassa by Christie Goodwin GUITAR TRICKS INSIDER DIGITAL EDITION OCT/NOV