Guitar Tricks Insider May / June Issue | Page 26

BRIAN MAY THE MAKING OF A STYLE by Mike Mettler E ven the most highly successful, storied champions of the guitar can experience self-doubt all throughout their careers. Take Brian May, king of the fretboard in Queen, and the man responsible for scores of gargantuan riffs in regally indelible songs like “We Are the Champions,” “Killer Queen,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Tie Your Mother Down,” and “Dragon Attack.” In fact, you might even think that May — who literally constructed his own signature sound by designing a home-built electric guitar that’s known far and wide as The Red Special and is also quite the scholarly man with a PhD in physics — would be someone who’s supremely confident about his royal prowess on the fretboard but you’d be dead wrong. “I’m always slightly dissatisfied with the sound I’ve gotten on record, to be truthful,” May admits. “Sometimes it was close, like on 26 GUITAR TRICKS INSIDER DIGITAL EDITION Brian May by Rick Gould MAY / JUNE