Guitar Tricks Insider February/March Digital Edition | Page 2

6. Essential Albums Eddie Van Halen and John Mayall select albums you should have in your collection. Jon Bon Jovi on the advantages of composing on acoustic guitar. 8. Riffing 24. Cover Story Aerosmith gets excited about Jeff Beck, and Zakk Wylde tells us why he owes his career to Elton John. David Gilmour, the man who had been pink, shares his influences and thoughts about style and tone. Listen as DG talks about the keys for soloing, and recording the song “Sorrow.” 10. Nuggets 32. Listen Hear Name that Tune – 8 famous hammer-on and pull-off riffs. Listen to Billy Gibbons talk about playing in a trio, and the nightly arrival of the band’s fourth member, Mr. Time. 14. Classic Corner 36. Acoustic Feature Don Felder of the Eagles visits Backtrack to talk about the development of “Hotel California.” We also present a sketch by Roger Waters, which includes handwritten lyrics to “Outside The Wall.” 2 20. Sound Advice DIGITAL EDITION Paul Simon talks S&G, learning music vocabulary, Graceland, and writing that Aretha hit. FEB/MAR