Guitar Tricks Insider Dec/Jan | Page 3

39. On Songwriting Pete Townshend on songwriting influences, early success, “My Generation”, and suffering from maturity. 53. Video Lesson: Acoustic Learn the Boom Chick style of fingerpicking where your thumb plays the bass and your fingers pick the melody out from the rest of the chord. 45. 16 Tips For Writing Your First Song On The Guitar 54. Guitar Tech 49. Video Lesson: Rock Guitar 56. Gear Reviews Our guitar tech, Steve White, answers your questions about the care and feeling of your instrument. In this issue he addresses string height preferences and how to return a polished shiny finish to its original matte finish look. Learn Keith Richards open G tuning along with his most commonly used chords, and techniques. GT’s Dave Celentano spotlights guitar gear well worth looking into. This issue features the PRS SE Standard 24 Electric Guitar, the Breedlove Pursuit Concert Ebony Acoustic Guitar, the Yamaha THR10 Modeling and Recording Amp, and the Peterson Stroboclip Tuner. 50. Video Lesson: The Blues 70. Another Take: Do The Boogie Learn the B.B. King blues box along with the master’s vibrato and bending techniques. Listen up as Dave Rubin explores how John Lee Hooker, Magic Sam, Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons and others each put their own twist on the classic. DEC/JAN DIGITAL EDITION 3