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A PLACE EVEN THE LOCALS DON'T KNOW... Uncovering the gems... One of our greatest pleasures is to explore Marche and find unusual and interesting places to visit. Spots that you won't find in any guide book and which show you a side of life that is secret and surprising. Every week in the summer, and often throughout the year, we head to the beautiful Conero peninsular. We recently discovered Passetto, just south of Ancona, where old fishermen's caves have been converted into boat houses and seaside hideaways for local families. There is an Art Deco lift down to this Ancona city beach which has a simple restaurant built on stilts over the water. This led us to hear about much more remote caves in the bays south of Ancona... Last year we discovered the path to the rocks where scores of fishermen’s caves are hewn into the cliff. Most are abandoned though some have been reclaimed by boating aficionados. Scramble along the shore and chat with the locals as they clean their mussel catch ready for lunch. Watch the ragazzi dive from the rocks and soak up the sun knowing that there won't be another tourist in sight! Oh and the water in the pools is crystal clear and wonderful for swimming. Another path leads back up to Il Baffo, a stylish and relaxed family restaurant with great food and superb views over our new discovery. If you want real Italy that even most locals have never heard of, try the Scalaccia walk - you won't be disappointed, but make sure you ask us for directions – it took us 10 years to find it! Tripadvisor Quote... "...the exceptional welcome of Bob and Ian who have found that special balance—sharing this amazing environment as well as their expertise about the region with their visitors, yet taking their cue from the guests and allowing them to engage and explore (or not) at their leisure. Bob and Ian have created a very special oasis at Casal dei Fichi. They have the gift of instantly making their guests feel like old friends who soon feel like they too belong to this special corner of the world." Michael K. Montreal, Canada. Oct ’14 & Jun '15