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MEET SHERRY, DARRELL & DARRIAN LOONEY Contact The Looney's: +1.914.709.0457 This insider guide is brought to you by Sherry, Darrell and Darrian, owners of Mais Oui, an elegant 8-bedroom, fully staffed villa in Discovery Bay, Jamaica. This is a place where you can enjoy a slice of the real Jamaica, away from the busy resorts! THOUGHTS FROM THE EDITOR It's interesting how, despite never meeting a family, you feel like you know them. It's like that with the Looneys. I've spent time with them on the phone and through email, and I'm left with one overriding impression: these are owners who want their guests to experience a real vacation. But aren't all vacations "real," you ask? Not exactly. Think of real in the literal sense. The opposite of makebelieve. In the travel world, it's something authentic, away from the perfect shine that so many Jamaican resorts layer over their websites and brochures. Real is what you can expect from the Looneys. Yes they have a fully staffed villa with lush grounds, a private pool, full amenities, 8 bedrooms, and a stunning roof E: [email protected] W: deck. But they are honest and, with integrity, they don't claim to be perfect. This isn't a hotel replica, this is a real villa experience with character, built around a sense of family and community. Add to that genuine insider knowledge deeper than many hotel concierge services, and you have yourself a real vacation experience. I've lost count of the number of vacation rentals I've stayed in over the years. The ones I remember are often the personal ones, where owners have poured their heart and soul into brick and mortar. They are real, and real is, for me, what a vacation experience should be about. This is Mais Oui!