GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 9


2.10 – Drivers are welcome to have a live spotter (as opposed to the built-in computer spotter) for League races. In addition to being helpful to the driver, a spotter may be available for interviews by the broadcast team during the race.

2.11 – Spotters who are not registered as drivers in the League are also subject to the same rules of conduct as drivers in the chat room, TeamSpeak rooms, forums or any other forum, and must be familiar with the Series Rulebook. Spotters who are not registered as drivers in the League should use the iRacing "Spotter" feature for the race (to avoid accidentally being recorded as a driver for that race). Click Find Official Races, then select Watch, Ghost, Crew, Spot, then choose League Races and choose the Xtrememotorsports GT Challenge Series to enter.

2.12 - Teams will have their own team channel in Team Speak within the XtremeMotorsports GTC Lobby. A spotter and driver may set up a whisper channel so that the spotter can still speak to the driver while being up in the broadcast booth, if the spotter so chooses.


3.1 – An Admin will send a pre-race bulletin to all drivers at least one day prior to the next race. The bulletin will provide important information about the upcoming race including the weather conditions, race duration, and race day schedule.

3.2 – The typical race day session will be a 6-hour session with the following parts: PRACTICE – up to 3 hours; LONE QUALIFYING – 15 minutes; RACES – (6) 75 minute & (2) 90 minutes per season. A mandatory Drivers’ Meeting will take place during the last 15 minutes of practice. The Admins may make adjustments to this schedule as needed for any particular race.

3.3 – DRIVERS MEETING: All drivers must exit the track, enter the garage to clear the pit lane, and join TeamSpeak for the drivers meeting at the time announced by the Admins. The drivers meeting will be conducted entirely on TeamSpeak, not on the iRacing chat channel.