GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 8


2.2 - By participating in the League events, you agree to comply with these Rules. You further agree that these events are for entertainment purposes only and you shall have no legal recourse whatsoever against the League, the Administrators, Race Stewards, other participants, iRacing, series sponsors, or any other party associated in any way with the League and its events.

2.3 – Admins will announce the entry fee each season. The entry fee must be paid prior to the first race of the season. The entry fee is not refundable.

2.4 - All drivers must pre-register for the League by filling out an application at as indicated in the invitation e-mail and providing the required information. The Admins will take into account an applicant's driving record on iRacing prior to admitting them to the League in order to ensure a high level of racing.

2.5 - Car numbers are assigned at the Admin’s discretion (we will try to accommodate requested numbers but returning league participants will have priority).

2.6 - This series will have two classes as follows: GT3 featuring the Audi R8 LMS GT3, Ferrari 488 GT3, and the Mercedes AMG GT3. And, GTE featuring the BMW M8 GTE, Ferrari 488 GTE, Ford GT 2017 GTE, and the Porsche 911RSR GTE.

2.7 - All drivers must be pre-registered with and approved by the Admins prior to the day of the race. If a driver participates in a race but was not pre-registered with the League for that car, all championship points earned for that race will be disqualified.

2.8 – No driver may compete in more than one car during the season. Drivers may only run the car in which they first competed in the series. A Driver may change manufacturers, only prior to Round 2, but must sacrifice race points earned in the prior car.

2.9 Please notify an Admin if your Team cannot attend a race. Missing three races or more may result in the Admins providing your spot to someone on the waiting list for the next season.

2.10 – Drivers are encouraged to have a live spotter (as opposed to the built-in computer spotter) for League races. In addition to being helpful to the driver, an objective of the spotter is to have them available for interviews by the broadcast team during the race.