GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 24


14.1 – Races may be broadcast live online at the discretion of the Admins. Recordings of the race may also be made available. By participating in a race, a driver consents to their participation in the broadcast and the use of their image, voice, representation in the broadcast and recording and on the League web page.

14.2 – Custom paint jobs are required for this series. League sponsor decals are mandatory and they will be applied to your paint scheme by our media department once you submit your paint. Paints must be submitted to our media department before the start of Round 3 each Season in order for a driver to be eligible for the Prize Purse (wavers for special circumstances must be requested from the Admins in advance). All paint jobs shall be in good taste, may not disparage a sponsor, and should be generally family friendly.

14.3Driver conduct during the broadcast should reflect positively on the League and its members. Profanity, disparaging comments about other drivers and sponsors, and other conduct in violation of the iRacing Sporting Code is prohibited.

14.4Class podium finishers should try to be available to the broadcasters for post-race interviews.