GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 23


12.1 - The weather for each race will be determined as follows: We will be using the current real forecast weather, for the track location on the day of our race, as close as we can reasonably make it within the parameters allowed by iRacing. However, we will not use starting air temperatures above 90 degrees or below 65 degrees. Admins will send via email a practice schedule bulletin the week of the event that will inform drivers of the official practices scheduled for leading up to the race with weather information. In addition, any drivers who wish to either host a practice or practice in a test session will find the forecast weather on the Ricmotech GT Challenge webpage. The exact race weather will not be final until the forecast is checked one day prior to the race.

12.2 - If rain conditions were an element in real life we will implement Overcast skies with 1% Fog and maximum iRacing temperatures to simulate slick conditions.

12.3 - Track State is always set at 40% and state carries over from one session to another.

12.4 – Time of Day settings will vary by each race and will be announced as part of the weekly bulletin. Some races may simulate daybreak/early-morning, some may be mid-day, and some may run into sunset/night.


13.1 - All race events will be timed races and 75 or 90 minutes in length as announced in the season schedule.