GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 20

11.4 - Drivers will be allowed one (1) drop race per season. The lowest point scoring race of the season will be automatically dropped from that driver’s final season championship points, however any bonus points or penalties will not be dropped from those drop races.

11.5 - Points are awarded in each class at the finish of each event.

First Place - 35 Points Lead a Lap - +1 Bonus Point

Second Place - 32 Points

Third Place - 30 Points Top Qualifier - +1 Bonus Point

Fourth Place - 28 Points

Fifth Place - 26 Points

Sixth Place - 25 Points *Drivers must complete 6 of the 8

Seventh Place - 24 Points races to be eligible for the

Eighth Place - 23 Points championship!

Ninth Place - 22 Points

10th Place - 21 Points

Each subsequent finishing position from 11th to 30th follows the same one-point increment with 11th-place receiving 10 points and so on.

Bonus points per team car are limited to a maximum of 9 points per season. Practice incentive points are limited to 1 per week.

11.6 - In the event of a tie in the final class standings, the tie breaker shall be determined by referencing the total number of first place finishes, and if that results in a tie then by reference to second place finishes. If there is a tie through two tie breakers, a third tie-breaker would then be determined by the League Administrators.