GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 19

9.7.H - In the interest of resuming the race in a timely manner, the Stewards have the discretion to dispense with wave-arounds and sorting the field, meaning that the race will re-start with the field in its current order. Drivers should use appropriate caution and courtesy as set forth elsewhere in these rules when dealing with mixed-class racing in these conditions. Stewards will do their best to ensure a race will not end under yellow. This typically means that full-course yellows will not be issued with 20 minutes or less left in the race.


10.1 - This is an open setup series. You are welcome to share setups with other drivers to help maintain a high level of competition however it is not mandatory.

10.2 – The GT3 cars will have a 5% hp reduction which facilitates clean mixed-class racing in this series. The fuel limits for each Car & Class are as follows:

GT3 Class - Fuel 88% or approximately 25.6gal. / 96.9 liters

GTE Class - Fuel 85% or approximately 20.6gal. / 77.9 liters


11.1 – PRACTICE INCENTIVE POINTS: All drivers who participate in one of the four weekly practice sessions and completes at least the minimum set practice laps, for that weeks event, will earn 1 championship bonus point. Drivers may earn only 1 Practice Incentive Point per week.

11.2 – INCIDENT PACKAGE: There is a 20x limit for the 75 and 90 minute races enforced as follows. Drivers who finish with 0 to 6 incidents will be awarded 1 bonus point. If a driver exceeds the 20x incident limit, they will incur a loss of one championship point for that race. Every 5 incidents (26+) thereafter will incur a drive-through penalty issued by the Race Steward. In the event a Race Steward is not available to issue a drive-through penalty, a two point penalty will be applied to the driver’s championship points after the race.

11.3 – Incident counts will not be modified based on the outcome of protests nor based on an assessment of fault for contact.