GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 18

9.7.B - Drivers may not pit on the first lap of a full course caution even if iRacing opens the pits. Stewards will instruct the drivers when their class is cleared to enter the pits (this will typically be done in this order – GTE, GT3). Drivers who pit prior to their class' designated lap will incur a drive-through penalty under the next green flag lap. Drivers must stay to the right on clockwise courses and to the left on counter clockwise courses to allow waveby drivers to pass safely while under caution.

9.7.C - GT3 drivers that are caught in front of their class leader but behind the overall race leader will be waved around by the Race Stewards before or during the GTE pit stops. Those drivers should safely but quickly proceed around the track to rejoin at the back of the field.

9.7.D - All drivers who are one or more laps down to their class leader may be offered a “wave around” by the Race Steward if time permits during the full course yellow period. However, no “wave around” will be offered to a car that has already made a pit stop during that full course yellow period. A lap-down driver may pit after being awarded a “wave round” but if you get re-lapped during your pit stop you do not get waived around a second time.

9.7.E - After the wave-around and pit stop process is complete, the Race Steward will sort the field by class if needed and as time permits. Utilizing end-of-line commands, the Race Stewards will move the GT3 cars behind the GTE cars.

9.7.F - Any driver who receives a black flag penalty on a re-start should promptly notify the Stewards of their car number and request to have a black flag cleared. The Stewards will acknowledge the request and clear the black flag as soon as possible. Drivers should keep running with the black flag showing until cleared. This does not apply to black flags issued for cutting the course on the re-start.

9.7.G - If a driver commits to an emergency stop under caution, meaning they have to pit before pits are open due to excessive damage, they will be required by the Race Marshall to do a drive through after the first lap of their class green flag restart.