GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 16

SECTION 8 – Roval Tracks (road courses with ovals)

8.1 - At these type of Road Courses quite a bit of your lap is spent on the oval portion of the course. So below are the etiquettes for driving these types of tracks.

8.2 – Slower class cars get the low line and the faster cars get the high line on the oval portions of the course. This doesn’t mean that you have to abide by this when you are alone, it does apply when you are dealing with slower or lapped traffic. Basically slower cars down low faster cars take the high line.

8.3 - On the oval portion of these tracks we do not allow more than two wheels below the yellow line at any given time. We allow two wheels because it can sometimes be easy to dip down there when running the low line on these oval portions. Placing the entire car below the yellow lines is prohibited and will be considered an infraction of the rules, other than avoiding an incident. If you happen to see a driver doing this during a race make a mental note of it and bring it to the attention of the Stewards during or after the race and the appropriate penalty will be assigned.


9.1 - You should understand what each flag means and how iRacing deploys them.

9.2 - Green Flag. Indicates the start of a race, clear track condition, and/or the cancellation of a previous flag condition.

9.3 - White Flag. When displayed at start/finish line, indicates the start of the last lap and will be displayed to the leader first and then to the remainder of the Competitors.

9.4 - Checkered Flag. Indicates the end of a session, warm-up period, or end of the race.