GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 12


5.8 – If a race session is inadvertently set for a standing start, the procedure shall be that all classes will nevertheless perform a full pace lap at pace car speed set by the pole sitter of their class. All drivers will remain in formation when the green light shows and will complete a pace lap in their qualifying position. The Race Steward will determine the start by verbally announcing "GREEN, GREEN" for each class within approximately 100 feet of the start/finish line. Nobody may pass the pole sitter of their class prior to the Green Flag being issued for their class.

5.9 – All restarts shall be from single file formation. The class leader for each class shall maintain pace car speed as directed by the Race Steward. The GT3 class leader shall maintain at least a 10 second gap to the GTE class. The Race Steward will announce the restart for each class separately with specific announcements of "GREEN GTE, GREEN GTE" followed by "GREEN GT3, GREEN GT3".


6.0 - Standard iRacing road racing rules will apply at all times unless otherwise stated in this rule book.

6.1 - In overtaking situations, it is the overtaking driver’s responsibility to complete a safe pass. Drivers being overtaken have a responsibility to drive predictably and to leave racing room when an overtaking driver presents themselves alongside.

6.2 – Blocking is prohibited. The leading driver is allowed to run a defensive line. The leading driver is permitted one defensive move, but may not make a subsequent move in response to an overtaking driver’s further attempt to pass.

6.3 – Mixed class racing requires that drivers in the classes employ reasonable racing etiquette and judgment. Please see the mixed-class specific guidance provided in Section 7.