GT Challenge Rule Book GT Challenge Rule Book - Page 10


3.4 – At the conclusion of the drivers meeting, all drivers must mute their microphones on TeamSpeak or may leave the TeamSpeak server or move to a private channel, as all chat during qualifying and racing will take place using the iRacing chat system.


4.1 – Qualifying sessions will be “lone qualifying” for 4 laps or 15 minutes whichever ends first. Qualifying will start immediately after the drivers’ meeting concludes.

4.2 – Even though the race session may switch from practice to qualifying during the drivers’ meeting, drivers may not start qualifying until notified by the Admins or Race Steward.

4.3 – After completing their final qualifying lap, drivers may bring their car to a stop and exit.

4.4 – Drivers may not use the apron when qualifying at oval road courses. If the Race Stewards or Admins determine the apron was used during qualifying an EOL penalty may be assessed for the start of the race or a points penalty may be assessed after the race.

4.5 – Drivers who wish to reset their cars for fresh tires or fuel during a qualifying session may do so to the extent iRacing allows you to do so within the given lap and time parameters.


5.1 – Cars will be gridded by class and then by qualifying order within class. Drivers who failed to complete a qualifying lap will be gridded at the back of their class. Drivers who miss grid and start from pit lane may not exit the pit lane until the last car in their class passes the pit lane exit even if iRacing allows the car to be released earlier (due to the gap between classes).

5.2 – If there is an odd number of cars in the GTE class, the cars in the GT3 class may need to switch sides during the pace lap so that the pole sitter in that class has the inside line for the first turn. This will be announced by the Race Steward during the gridding process and usually grid switching is done at the commencement of the pace lap.