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Q&A JACK DALY Insights From the Expert 1. HOW DO I DEVELOP A GROWTH PLAN FOR THE SALES ORGANIZATION? Steven Covey said it best: “Begin with the end in mind.” The first thing we have to wrestle down is what is it we are attempting to build. Some call that vision. Let’s say you have an $8 million company that has a vision of growing to $20 million. Figure out the progression of how many years/months it will realistically take to get to $20 million. Along the way, additional new sales hires will be necessary, based on your experience of what is a legitimate load for a salesperson to carry. Additionally, be sure to build in the needed timeline for adequate training rather than rushing the salespeople into the field to “sell,” when in reality, we are rushing them to “fail.” 2. HOW DOES A SMALL FIRM RATIONALIZE HIRING A SALES MANAGER WHEN THE SALES TEAM IS SMALL? Again, a part of the answer is similar to the above answer, which is dependent on the overall vision and timing of the planned growth. The rationalization basically comes down 10 | FALL 2018 to this if you are serious about the growth plans, then the Sales Manager will make it happen by growing the sales team in quantity and quality. If you hire the right Sales Managers and pay them appropriately, they should pay for themselves in less than a year with the increased business the sales team generates. 3. HOW DOES ONE GO ABOUT CONVERTING AN INSIDE SALESPERSON TO AN OUTSIDE SALESPERSON? Generally speaking, it’s not advisable. Nor is going in the opposite direction! Inside salespeople are typically “farmers,” and their profile does not work in the field proactively gaining customers. Outside sales is typically best done by a “hunter,” and this profile doesn’t work well in a reactive mode. Note this move can occasionally work, but I wouldn’t chance it. Go with the better odds! 4. WHEN IS IT TIME TO ENTERTAIN GETTING AN ASSISTANT? Yesterday! Figure out the high payoff activities (HPAs) and stay solely focused there. Calculate your hourly rate, and anything that can be done by someone else at less of a rate should be flipped accordingly. Model the Masters (Top Performers) and you will discover the presence of assistant(s). If you wait to hire until