GROWMARK Endure 2020 Report - Page 8

GROWMARK’s Agronomy Division set the stage for our initiatives under “endure.” The “4R” approach is woven within many of our agronomic programs to help farmers become profitable and accountable. Since 2016 the endure 4R Advocate program has recognized the efforts of 21 individuals within the GROWMARK System who have excelled in helping farmers employ sustainable practices. They focus on what is important to their local economy, environment, and communities – watersheds, nitrogen-application education, the 4R principles, and the N Watch program. Education and training to keep GROWMARK personnel at the top of their game is an asset to keep our company profitable. There are 227 Certified Crop Specialists throughout the System. Approximately 16 percent of FS crop specialists are 4R Certified through the Certified Crop Adviser program. Five Ontario locations certified in 2019 as 4R Certified Retailers. These retailers demonstrated compliance with 41 criteria encompassing education, recordkeeping, nutrient recommendations, and applications. They also made a proactive, responsible commitment for the long-term improvement of the Great Lakes water quality. The five locations are: • FS PARTNERS – Ayr, Delhi, and Drayton • AGRIS Co-operative – Cottam and Stoney Point The mobile LoadCheck app enhances product delivery and reduces driver idle time at fertilizer terminals, helping to keep operations efficient and cutting down on exhaust emissions. GROWMARK is a member of ResponsibleAg, Inc. whose mission is to promote the public welfare by demonstrating compliance with federal environmental, health, safety, and security rules regarding the safe handling and storage of fertilizer products. More than 130 of GROWMARK’s facilities are participating in the program with 63 now ResponsibleAg certified. 2020 endure 4R Advocates Kyle Vogelzang, Evergreen FS, Inc. Anchor, Illinois Joe Terando, Conserv FS Waterford, Wisconsin Junior Whitlow, M & M Service Co. Irving, Illinois Tim Bennett, Ag View FS Buda, Illinois Tyler Osborne, Ag View FS Varna, Illinois New products and emerging technologies are being incorporated into GROWMARK’s day-to-day business. Great Lakes Grain, FS GRAIN, and other grain members are sourcing and shipping identity-preserved grain to Asian markets, ensuring buyers receive what they pay for through Blockchain traceability for every step of the production, harvest, and export process. A number of GROWMARK grain entities work with farmers to realize a premium price for their crops such as EU low-carbon corn standards, corn for ethanol export markets, and identity-preserved corn and soybeans. 8