GROWMARK Endure 2020 Report - Page 12

Social Economic We start where we can make the most difference – at the local level, where communities will see and benefit from our activities. What we do has far-reaching effects on societies, cultures, ages, and interests. Our team members have logged hundreds of hours volunteering for more than 20 organizations – from community groups to youth programs and disaster relief. The GROWMARK Foundation’s funding priorities reflect our culture through many of the company’s programs. We support a number of initiatives including ag education, American Red Cross, and the Midwest Food Bank. The GROWMARK Foundation has committed more than $500,000 in its communities for the last four years. • For 27 years, The GROWMARK Foundation has helped fund the FFA Essay Contest in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Ohio. The 2020 contest asked students to “Describe the ‘Farmer of the Future.’ What tools or skills will he or she need to be successful?” • Each year, GROWMARK awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to students throughout North America. We also provide more than $70,000 for Ag-in-the-Classroom programs to support ag literacy. • For more than 10 years, The GROWMARK Foundation has maintained a partnership with Agriculture Future of America (AFA), which offers leader and career development training and academic scholarships for young men and women pursuing careers in the agriculture and food industries. • giveMORE is a program where The Foundation matches personal contributions to various employee-selected organizations – extending our reach further into the communities we serve. • Our Enduring Commitments program matches The GROWMARK Foundation funds with retail division and member cooperative contributions to leverage dollars for local initiatives. 12