GROWMARK Endure 2020 Report - Page 10

Honeybees typically fly less than two miles from the hive to expend less energy than what is gained during the flight. GROWMARK factors in the same kind of sustainable business models to profitably conduct business. GROWMARK’s largest distribution center at Alpha, Illinois increased their energy efficiency and lowered utility costs by installing a 525 kilowatt solar field that generates approximately 700,000 kWh of energy annually. An important sustainability goal for GROWMARK is building more efficiency into supply chain management for delivering fuel and ag products. Most large volume shipments are received in strategically-located warehouses in Alpha and Nashville, Illinois; Akron, Ohio; and Tillsonburg, Ontario. From these locations, products are distributed to our clients on regular route loads or directly from the vendor to improve efficiencies of the delivery process. • The Energy Division’s EBS system monitors, calculates, and predicts – using degree days – when deliveries are needed for propane, saving driver and truck time on the road. • New applications for cleaner burning, higher operating efficiency propane are identified continually – from propane Autogas for vehicles to running irrigation systems to fueling school buses. • Complementing the delivery protocols for propane is GROWMARK’s expansion of propane terminals throughout its market area. GROWMARK now has five propane terminals from Ohio to South Dakota, with the fifth one added in Fort Madison, Iowa in 2019. • GROWMARK sources petroleum from seven company-owned terminals strategically located to keep product close to the customer. 10