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2.0 PREPARATION 2.1 Introduction In considering their GW&L decisions, umpires must not distance themselves from the support and advice that will be available to them at a given venue. For example, the benefits of a positive relationship with the groundsman could be invaluable in planning restarts and taking account of local weather conditions. GW&L decisions rely on umpires demonstrating awareness, strong communication skills, teamwork and clear thinking – and applying them effectively and consistently. Preparation before the start of a match will help to ensure that all aspects of their decision-making clearly identify dangerous or unreasonable conditions, without compromising safety, therefore optimising playing time. Keeping the players informed before a ‘situation’ exists will improve their reaction (and the reaction of the spectators) if/ when it does present itself. It is helpful if both umpires acquire and share as much knowledge as possible while preparing for any game, thus strengthening their working relationship and improving the effectiveness of their communication. Before the start of a match, it would be useful for the umpires to consult an up-to-date local weather forecast. The advances in mobile technology and weather radar mean doing so is now easy and readily available. 4 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 6 15/03/2016 15:58