Ground Weather and Light - Page 24

10.0 LIGHTNING • Umpires may be called upon to make judgements as to whether the presence of lightning renders it unsuitable for play to start, continue or resume. The test is the same as that for ground conditions caused by weather: is it dangerous, ie is there an actual and foreseeable risk to the safety of any player or umpire? • The same degree of care is needed in reaching the decision. With lightning, as with ground conditions, the umpires are to err on the side of caution. Before play can start, continue or resume both umpires must be satisfied that conditions are such that it is not dangerous or unreasonable. • The following guidelines should be used to assist the umpires with their duties in the event of lightning, in order to ensure safety: • If, at any point during the match, the threat of lightning, whether actual or perceived, comes to the attention of either of the umpires, the umpires should follow the protocol outlined below and agree a course of action that takes into account all factors outlined therein. If on the field, either umpire decides that the lightning threat is imminent, he should advise his colleague and they should both instruct the players to leave the field of play immediately in a safe and orderly manner, with the umpires, and to relocate to a secure and safe location. In order to resume play, both umpires must agree that the threat has passed and it is safe to do so, taking into consideration all relevant information. In making decisions regarding the suspension, resumption or start of play due to the threat of lightning, actual or perceived, the umpires may refer to any meteorological data that may be available. 22 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 24 15/03/2016 15:58