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8.0 THE ECB’s ‘GET THE GAME ON’ INITIATIVE The ECB initiated a wide-ranging programme in the 2014 season, aimed at increasing the number of cricket matches played each year. This programme covered many concerns (in addition to GW&L) that caused matches not to be played. comprise this core team. This programme, like this Guidance, also stresses the need for preparation and use of all of the available resources to do everything that can be done appropriately to get/keep the match underway. In relation to GW&L, Get the Game On calls upon those people it refers to as ‘Game Day Decision Makers’ to work together to maximise the possibility and amount of play that can be achieved when the weather intervenes. It says umpires, captains, ground staff and other club officials Get the Game On does NOT in any way override the fundamental Laws of Cricket, under which the umpires alone must decide whether conditions are dangerous or unreasonable. Where either umpire considers this to be so, no play should occur while these conditions continue. 20 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 22 15/03/2016 15:58