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7.0 RAIN The Laws do not prohibit cricket being played when it is raining, provided it is not dangerous or unreasonable. Umpires should establish whether the Playing Conditions that apply to the match or competition they are officiating include specific provisions as to what to do in the event of rain. In the interests of optimising playing time appropriately, when conditions are not dangerous or unreasonable, it is difficult to provide guidance about continuing to play or starting or resuming play if it is raining. This has to be a judgement call made by the umpires and based on the situation at the time. Each umpire has his own level of tolerance for playing in rain. It is vital for umpires to discuss this matter and to agree on a joint position before the match to ensure the players do not see them disagree. 18 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 20 15/03/2016 15:58