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5.0 DECISION MAKING BY UMPIRES IN RELATION TO GW&L In light of the recent case, play should not start, resume or continue unless BOTH umpires In arriving at a decision to allow play to start, resume or AGREE that conditions are neither dangerous nor to continue, umpires should unreasonable. The umpires err on the side of caution. should therefore between them identify any matter Law 3.9(b) states that, about which they disagree, if the ‘umpires together discuss it further and seek agree’ (meaning a joint to come to an agreement. decision of the umpires If an agreement cannot be made independently of the reached that conditions players) that the conditions are neither dangerous of GW&L or any other circumstances are dangerous nor unreasonable then play should be suspended or unreasonable, they shall immediately suspend play, or immediately, not allowed to start or not allowed to not allow play to start or to resume. Some umpires have resume (as appropriate). interpreted this to mean that, in the event the two umpires disagree, the status quo should continue, ie if play was underway it carried on but, if play was not underway, it did not start or resume. That interpretation should no longer be followed. 5.1 Joint decisions 5.2 What if there is only one umpire? In the event that there is only one qualified umpire at a game (qualified, for this purpose, means a current, full member of the ECB ACO), and the other end will be handled by a player or a club official, the qualified umpire should take responsibility for deciding on GW&L issues. This does not however mean the qualified umpire should not listen to the opinion of others. 14 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 16 15/03/2016 15:58