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If there are particular areas of concern following an inspection, the ground staff, if available, should be informed and a plan to try to address the problem should be agreed. Once both umpires have decided the Throughout all inspections, conditions are fit for play, umpires should be mindful they need to set a time at that every venue, at every which play can start and level of the game, has then work closely with any different characteristics ground staff to ensure this and support available. This timeframe is met. They range emphasises the need should always allow enough for all umpires to do their homework before the start of time for ground staff (or a game so that any surprises those responsible) to have the ground ready and for are kept to a minimum. the umpires to complete any overs or run-rate calculations. Once a restart has been agreed, the umpires must remember to inform the captains and the scorers. The umpires’ opinions (either before play or during the course of a match) can then be discussed between the umpires to enable them to arrive at a joint decision. Following an inspection, the umpires will agree together the next course of action. As noted, play should not start, resume or continue unless both umpires agree that conditions are neither dangerous nor unreasonable; if an agreement cannot be reached then play should be suspended immediately, not allowed to start or not allowed to resume (as appropriate). 11 92018 ECB Ground Weather and Light.indd 13 15/03/2016 15:58