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fantastic summer , with Summer Pride and 7-on-7 and all that . We ’ re expecting a lot out of this senior class .
“ We expect a lot in a leadership role . We expect these seniors to take the reins and lead these young guys that we ’ re gonna have this year ,” Hass said .
Granan came to Keys from Sydney High School in New York . “ I came all the way to Oklahoma , to Keys , a little more than a year ago ,” Granan said . “ To me , being a senior means trying to help out this team as much as possible .
“ The seniors are close , and hopefully we can just be an amazing family and an amazing team together ,” he said , “ and work as hard as we can to show more emphasis to the younger kids , and hopefully help make them to be good players too .”
Granan said he didn ’ t see himself as a leader , as such . “ I see myself more as someone to help and guide the younger kids the way last year ’ s seniors did me ,” he concluded .
Another senior in his second year at Keys is Periman . “ I came to Keys from Anderson , Missouri , McDonald County High School ,” he said . “ This is my second year at Keys .”
He said the seniors all get along well . “ That will mean a lot to keeping the team together ,” he said . “ I feel my role as a senior is to help the younger classmen , help get to where they need to be when they ’ re seniors .
Hamilton said he grew up in Keys , but attended grades 6-8 at Woodall before returning to Keys . “ I was coached by some great coaches out there , Coach Barnes , Coach Hood , and Coach Keys ,” he said . “ I came back to Keys in my freshman year , back home , where my mom is a teacher and coach .
“ We ’ ve done some really great things here ,” he said . “ We ’ ve been to the playoff , I think , two years in a row .
“ I feel my role as a senior this year is being a silent leader , pick everyone up , not in an aggressive way , but in a caring way ,” he continued . “ I feel it ’ s better to be nice to someone while you ’ re encouraging them to be better , than to be jumping down their throats all the time .
“ I feel our goal this year as seniors is to push ourselves beyond our limits ,” he added . “ We ’ re really small on the line , we ’ re really small on the receiving corps , so we have

Goooo Cougars !!!!

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