Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 41


Butch you have an originality that is either genius or crazy, where did your idea come from?
First of all thank you for taking the time to reaching out to me. What people see today on my Instagram page is a
developed character that began in 2012. It started with a fascination of the day of the dead holiday. I celebrate with my
friends when the holiday comes around and began making the mask you see today in 2014. My art is influence by that
holiday. I love the concept of celebrating the dead but yet being full of life. The contrast and balance really spoke to me in a
way I could apply it to myself in a artistic expression.

Is this your full time job or do you return from your office and don the skull and pyro part time?
I'm an art student that's working on getting a BFA (Bachelor's in Fine Arts) and want to get an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts). I work part time to help me get by. In any case, my art has given me exposure and all though I haven't been paid for what I do. I got to go to Coachella for free by working with Mr. Carmack on visuals of my art. Enola Gaye has notice me and sent me smoke grenades. I'm forever thankful for everything that has happened to me. I know it's off subject but I want to say thank you to everyone. I love everyone who has helped me reach this point in my life. I don't get paid for what I do but it has repaid me in so many beautiful ways.

Do you ever get questions from the police when on a shoot about the smoke and skull?
ohhhhh yeah, but I'm blessed that I have friends who are police officers. I spoke to them about it . They told me when the Police come and question me, be calm and honest. When Police ask, "what are you doing?". I tell them, " My name is Butch Locsin, I am a performance artist that showcase
my art through the use of colored smoke grenades", I do go into a little more in detail and
show them my Instagram page. A lot of them are cool with it. More often they let me
finish my production, some even pull out their phones and take photos. Other
time they ask me to stop and leave. I guess as long as I'm not bothering
anybody, they are cool with it. Just in case anyone wants to do
what I've been doing. Be smart about it. Be in an open area
that's away from huge amounts of people. Be
courteous to everyone because not everyone
knows what the smoke is. Have fun
but be safe.