Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 56

North v South Paintball Festival Swinnerton UK by Warped Paintball

The annual pilgrimage for over a thousand paintball players plays host on a military base just north of Birmingham UK.

There are scores of European big games looking to be 'the main event' but Warped Paintball's North vs South always seems to deliver the goods.

Played out over a full 3 days of events and boasting the largest trade village it’s a players dream as vendors slash prices for sales. All in all it's a dream come true for the players...and guess what? The game field's not bad either, considering it's hosted on a fully operational military training base.

Smoke and pyro play a big part in this event with huge open areas to cover in the game field and building to building combat.

The party vibe is strong throughout the whole event, with everyone camping out in a designated players field.

Booze and entertainment is laid on thick by the organisers but there's no escaping this is a paintball event and not a surfing competition by the 99% male occupancy, but hey, we're here to shoot foe not chase doe....