Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 51

Airsofters have a bad reputation for not wanting to get their kit dirty, do you walk around puddles even if it means taking a hit?
Absolutely not!!! In fact, the only part of my kit I ever wash are the BDUs. Just cold water and hang dry. Maybe it's the paintballer side of me or I'm just a guy but I really don't care if my kit is dirty.

Most of your events are played in the USA where thunder flash are usually under the counter sales have you ever played in Europe where bangs have been a part of the game for nearly 20 years?
I have not played anywhere other than in the US. I'm hoping to change that. However, I have played at a few few fields that allow the thunder flash. I typically use my Thunder V's.

Do you have a favourite venue or event?
I don't have one event or venue I favor over any other. I do like Milsim events and I'm liking indoor CQB, aka "speedsoft" more as well. As long as I can "Pull Triggers and Pop Red Rags", I'm happy!

You have a healthy Instagram account, is it just about good pictures or is the hard work done off screen?
IG is a tricky media. Followers like certain photos over others. I don't like making my IG page an advertisement page for my sponsors. It's a lot of hard work getting products you are promoting into a shot the followers would like to see. So I take a different approach. Most of the time I'm just posting photos I and my followers like and since they know who my sponsors are, everyone is happy.

Is there any message you want to put out to the community?
Wow... Yes. This sport/hobbie is, at it's core, a game. A game is meant to be fun; to take you away from the troubles of outside world. Airsoft should be a way to relieve stress, get together with friends, make new friends, get exercise and above all, make yourself a better person through sportsmanship. Play by the rules, be honorable, be humble, help others, give to the sport more than you take. Above all, HAVE FUN AND BE SAFE! These are just a few things that should be done ON AND OFF the field because we are ALL ambassadors! How and What you do on the field will reflect the type of person you are in life.