Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 49

American Icon Call Sign Iron Man Airsoft

Age: 41 Height: 5'10"

Weight: 185lbs

Left/Right Handed: Right/Ambi shooter

Airsoft Experience (years): 6

Other Skills: Paintballer of 20 years, weight and cardio train every day, Marketing/Graphic Designer, Father of 2 boys (a 9 yr and a 23 yr), arthritis
through out my body.

Ian how’s it going? Doing well....

How did you get into Airsoft?
I was a paintball of 20+ years and met a friend who "dragged me kicking and screaming" into airsoft... now I love the game of course! There really isn't much difference between the two sports and I try and bridge that concept all the time. I still play paintball from time to time.

Would you agree you are an ambassador to the sport/game?
I personally don't care for the terms "celebrity" or "role model"... ambassador would be a good label... There are plenty of role models in the world that people should look to for inspiration.

Did you just take up airsoft from scratch or did you play paintball or are you x-army?
Like I mentioned before, 20+ years playing paintball. Mostly woodsball/scenario but I've had my share of speedball as well. I was on a minor level team known as Nine Inch Barrels. As for not joining military out of HS, it's one of very few regrets I have in life. I support our military and have people in my life who are going, current and retired.