Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 46

Lord of Paint

The Paint Grenade is the unsung hero of our business. It quietly sits in the background being plucked from the shelves of paintball fields on a Saturday and Sunday by the maraudering hordes of weekend warriors getting their first taste of simulated combat.

There are few products on the market like the paint grenade, it was the first product that we dreamt up back in 1996 and whilst it has been refined over the years, the core design has not changed too much. But like anything that works well and then is refined over the years, the result is awesome.

Our paint grenade now throws paint as far as 10 meters in any random direction. The shell has changed design various times and is set for another make over in late 2016. The next update will also see a Wire Pull igniter fitted to the grenade, making this truly the most effective paintball grenade on the market.

The images you see to the left are a plan view of the grenade exploding; the 100ml of paint is spread so effectively there’s no escape. You can also see from the images that the pyrotechnic charge is completely surrounded by liquid which saturates the flash of the pyrotechnic charge whist still maintaining the energy allowing the paint to spread.

These images were caught on a high speed camera, where usually you would not see the pyrotechnic flash as it happens so fast.

Unlike other non-pyrotechnic paint grenades on the market ours is made from a paper-mache casting similar to an egg box and is made from 100% recycled paper. The only part of this grenade that does not biodegrade is the plastic bag that holds the paint fill, however this part is relatively easy to pick up after use as the bag remains mostly in one piece.