Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 26

Billowing from paintball and airsoft fields on to artistic fields, smoke grenades have become the hottest new tool for photographers and cinematographers. Whether they are creating a whimsical, dreamy fashion shoot, or a gritty, urban underworld scene, these photographers have utilized the EG smoke to elevate their game to the next level!

Why are these smoke grenades so popular amongst photographers? Which grenades are most popular and how to do you use smoke to get the best visuals? We sat down with Canadian Photographers Tyler, Cristian and Jay to answer these questions and let you know how to get the most from your EG smoke grenades.

Tyler Nemeth (@shotinaction) I like using smoke grenades in my photography because of the intense colours and atmosphere they create. There’s so many concepts that you can use them for. From highly artistic to gritty and moody, I feel like they’ve enhanced my ability to capture a moment.

Search EG smoke on Instagram and you will find countless results of how smoke grenades have dominated the special effects market. On Instagram, a large international community of
photographers exchange ideas and images and here we have
seen smoke grenades rise to dominate the industry!
The low cost of EG grenades means, whether you are
an amateur or a seasoned photographer, anyone can
get an expensive effect for an affordable price.

When asked where these photographers were first
introduced to smoke, they all stated, Instagram

Once you see these grenades in action,
you’re hooked, as Jay states, what introduced
me to Enola Gaya Smoke grenades was the
amazing colour and what you can do with it
in motion” While Cristian says that these
grenades add “a sense of atmosphere to his
photos”- the kind of atmosphere he can’t
get using anything else. All the varying types
of grenades each in seven colours strike
captivating vibrancy on film: but these three
shooters have their own favourite that each
like taking out onto the field.... And here’s why
“My favourite is the single burst EG18 grenade.
I can do of motions, get a lot of shots and it lasts
a long time. “Jay Tablate (@ASVPshooter)

While Jay enjoys the EG18 purple because of its
high smoke output and long duration Tyler states
he loves the Wire Pull, “they last a long time, I like
using white smoke to create some really cool natural
lighting effects and to
capture sun rays, and
then red and purple for
the stark contrast to the
surrounding landscape.
It really makes the subject

Cristian states that he likes white to create a more natural fog effect and red when he wants to create a really vivid dynamic. “The Aspect I like most about the smoke grenades is that it adds that extra flare to your images that you can’t get through smoke machines” Cristian Eppstadt (@visual.era)

With a variety of different options of smoke output, in seven rich colours and at an affordable price, photographers have voted unanimously that these EG grenades are amazing tools of the trade, transforming the mundane into the fantastical and equipping anyone who can pull a pin to express ideas and images like never before. As the old adage goes, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” and these photos using smoke are definitely fire! Check out what other people have captured with smoke and try them out for yourself, we can’t wait see what you come up with!