Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 22

What would you define as pyro?

All low explosives are pyrotechnics, but one thing is for sure all fireworks are pyrotechnics but not all pyrotechnics are fireworks! So for me “pyro” is another group of products that are more specific in manufacture and higher quality than fireworks.

You are fairly qualified, would you describe yourself as ‘The God of Pyro’ and do you know everything there is to know about it? Or does stuff crop up you didn’t expect?

Yes I would describe myself as a ‘pyro dog’! I have been in the industry hands on making pyro for about 20 years now and see or read about new stuff all the time, different manufacturing techniques, new materials to use, new research on products already on the market. But it’s not just the chemistry and engineering side of things where new stuff is seen but also the dreaded regulations! Enola Gaye is now a global brand with our products going all over the world, each country has a different set of regulations we have to adhere to.

The best part is discovering new stuff and then adding that to the knowledge base of the world. We are currently working with the German authorities on various projects which will provide a further insight into the world of smoke.

Could you make a bomb from household goods from the supermarket….Not including Coke and Mentos (everyone knows that one)?

Probably! The trick with making anything pyrrotechnic is not making it go bang but making it go bang when you want it to! This way you get to keep all your fingers and your sight!

Can you cook?

Yes, cooking is just edible chemistry!

You clearly don't watch enough TV