GreenWeek Volume 24, November 22 - Page 8

News review In brief Sustainable Energy U-turn over RHI eligibility Condensing biomass boilers will now be eligible for the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), when it launches in spring. The Government has performed a U-turn over the technology, which was not part of the RHI policy when it was released in July 2013 because of fears over pollutants discharged from such boilers. The concerns surrounded polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) – categorised as priority hazardous substances by the EU – and their impact on water quality. But research by Defra has shown that although PAHs are released in condensate from condensing biomass boilers, the levels are too low to pose a signi?cant threat to the environment, and water treatment ensures that the risk of aquatic PAH pollution is minimal. Sustainable Energy Siemens makes bold statement for future of wind “We want to reduce the levelised cost of energy for offshore wind power by up to 40% before the end of the decade”, Siemens Wind Power CTO Henrik Stiesdal told the EWEA Offshore 2013 trade fair and conference in Frankfurt this week. “This means that starting as early as 2020, we will offer our customers technologies that allows offshore wind power to be produced for less than 10 euro cents per kilowatt hour.” Sustainable Policy UK puts brakes on funding for coal-?red power stations Ed Davey announces new policy and help for poorest countries By Stuart Qualtrough A ll nations at this week’s international climate change talks must leave Warsaw with a clear political understanding that a new global climate deal will be agreed in 2015, Energy Secretary Ed Davey told the conference this week. “We must make sure that when we arrive in Paris in 2015 we are ready to strike a deal,” Mr Davey said. “The UK will be working as part of the EU, to gain momentum for a deal with a push for 50% reduction in European emissions. But we will need to see similar ambitions and commitment from other developed and emerging partners before we can sign.” Mr Davey also announced that the UK will join the US in ending support for public ?nancing of new coal-?red power plants overseas, except in rare circumstances where there is no feasible alternative. The governments will work together to encourage other countries and Multilateral Development Banks to adopt similar policies. Mr Davey said: “It is completely illogical for countries like the UK and the US to be decarbonising our own energy sectors while paying for coal-?red power plants to be built in other countries. It undermines Worcester, Bosch Group has opened a state-of-the-art training facility in Normanton, near Wake?eld. It will offer an entire suite of Worcester training courses for heating engineers and service technicians across all of its core product ranges, including solar thermal panels and a wide variety of heat pump technologies. 8 GreenWeek Nov 22, 2013 global efforts to prevent dangerous climate change and stores up a future ?nancial time bomb for those countries who would have to undo their reliance on coal-?red generation in the decades ahead, as we are having to do today. “Like the US, the UK recognises that there will be exceptions. We need to take account of new technologies such as CCS and the very poorest countries where there are no alternatives. But many developing countries will soon ?nd solar and similar energy technologies will become cheaper not just cleaner”. Recognising the growing impact of climate change on the world’s poorest countries, Mr Davey has also pledged £50m from the UK’s International Climate Fund to help more than 860,000 people adapt. He said: “Our challenge is both to help prevent further damaging climate change, but also to help protect the poorest people from the effects of climate change that is already happening. This funding is to help people adapt to our harsher climate conditions and this is a vital part of tackling poverty worldwide”. The money will help vulnerable communities to improve water management, irrigation and supply, invest in ?ood protection and drought-resistant crops, and develop better weather forecasting and early warning systems. Overheard Sustainable Industry Up-to-the-minute training facility UK and US call an end to funding for coal-?red energy generation “We’ve got to get rid of this green crap” What Prime Minister David Cameron is accused of telling decision-makers “He is undermining thousands of jobs in the green energy sector and threatens future investment. Now that really is crap” Joss Garman, Deputy Political Director at Greenpeace