GreenWeek Volume 24, November 22 | Page 2

News review 10,000 jobs at risk if green levies are cut Stark warning of imminent job losses if Cameron cuts ECO By Jack Allen M ore than 10,000 construction and insulation jobs could be lost – many as early as Christmas – if the Government cuts so-called ‘green levies’ on energy bills. That is the stark warning from the UK Green Building Council and construction industry as the Government considers its review of green levies. Construction ?rms installing energy-ef?ciency measures through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and manufacturers that make products such as solid wall insulation fear over 10,000 jobs could be lost if ECO is scrapped or scaled back. Prime Minister David Cameron has signalled his desire to “roll back” green levies following the public debate on the cost they add to household energy bills. The Government is expected to announce its intentions in the Autumn Statement on 5 December. The Association of the Building jobs put at risk by U-turn Conservation of Energy estimates up to 33,000 people are currently employed delivering ECO and the Green Deal. This should have risen to 60,000 in 2015, according to the Government’s own projections. Paul King, Chief Executive of the UK Green Building Council, said: “The Prime Minister needs to realise that going after ECO in a bid to cut household energy bills could end up costing 10,000 construction and insulation jobs. That will decimate the very industry that is helping people – including some of the most vulnerable in society – reduce their bills in the long term.” Rob Lambe, Managing Director of Willmott Dixon Energy Services, said: “We have invested heavily in establishing a business to respond to the projected market opportunities of energy ef?ciency under ECO. Over the next year we anticipated employing more than 400 tradesmen installing insulation to solid walled properties. But if ECO funding is cut, this work will simply come to a grinding halt and these jobs will be lost, with thousands more at risk in the wider industry.” Sally Hancox, Director at Gentoo, said: “We believe that the Coalition’s brave, strong initial commitment to ECO remains right; the large-scale installation of green measures actively stimulates economic activity, it creates jobs, and addresses the growing issue of fuel poverty.” Figures 5 in 6 Government is failing to make good progress on ?ve of its six promises to protect nature and wildlife, says new report 7 tonnes Emissions per person in China and the EU in 2012, compared to 16 tonnes in the US £3bn Value of the UK cycling market in 2015 with a popularity surge predicted on the back of the Tour de France ‘Grand Depart’ in Yorkshire 1 million Record number of job listings in the clean energy sector in the UL??????)??)??M???????????()9??????????????????????)?????????????????????????????) ??????]????)9??????????????????????) ????)??????????????????)??????????%???????????)????????????????????????????????????????????)????????????????????)????????????????????????) ????)????d????????????????)???????????????????????)????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????????????????????????)Q??????????????????????????)?????????????????????????)?????????????????????????)???????????????????????????((????]????9?????????() ?????????????????????????????()?????????????????????AX????)?????????????????????????+???????Q?????????????????????+???????????????????+???I??????????????????????+??? ????????????????+?????????????????????(+???%??????????????????????????)????????????????)Q????????????????????)?????????????????????????)???????????????????)?????????%???????????)??????????????????????????)??????????????????????)Q??????\?M????AX??????)?????????????????????????%?????)??????????????????????????)???????????????????????????)?????????????????????)??????????????????????????%?)????????????????????????????+??????????????????????????) ????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????((??????????()M??????????????()????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????U,?????????)???????????????????????????()M??????????%???????((0