Greenville Life Spring 2020 - Page 15

in Josephine, Texas, which is owned and operated by father-and-son duo John and Skip Talbert. John Talbert has served as president of the Texas Beekeepers Association and as an officer for the American Beekeeping Federation, and Skip started assisting his father after he retired from the military. Like the Pullens of Zane & James Apiary, the Talberts of Sabine Creek Honey Farm are also encouraging those interested in beekeeping. “Twenty-five years ago, it was relatively easy to raise bees,” John Talbert said. “We’re seeing fewer and fewer commercial beekeepers out there. You struggle to keep your bees alive, and then prices vary up and down on honey.” To help get budding beekeepers started, the Talberts host a five-week course each year. THE TOPICS INCLUDE: • Beekeeping history, bee anatomy and setting up colonies. • The difference between honey bees and other species of bees, and facts about Africanized honey (or “killer”) bees. • The collection of nectar and pollen, the conversion of nectar into honey, and honey harvesting. • How to inspect hives for honey flow, the location of the queen and general colony healthcare. SPRING 2020 Greenville Life 15