Greenville Life Spring 2020 - Page 10

How are Fees Presented by Leslie C. Killgore Never has it been more timely to know and understand exactly: 1. What you are paying in internal AND external fees on your personal investments 2. How your investment advisor is being compensated. As a financial professional, I’m encouraging people to get gutsy and ask themselves and their financial professional : How much am I paying in fees? Leslie Killgore, CFP® Financial Consultant Greenville Independent Branch 3110 I-30 Frontage Road (903) 355-2574 It’s a question that you might expect would have a simple answer, but if you dig into it, you may find yourself doing a bit of head scratching. In the world of financial services, there are different kinds of fees—trade commissions, fund fees, and advisory or management fees, to name a few. While cost is only one factor when it comes to dissecting the value of an investment or your relationship with a financial professional, it’s important for investors to understand what fees they are paying, why they are paying them and how these costs impact their returns. According to a Schwab study, 83 percent percent of investors do research before making a major purchase. Yet, just half of investors say they know how much they pay ©2018 Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”) All rights reserved. Member SIPC. (0215-0882)