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@ green Says …
P26-27 Increase forested areas !
Malaysia committed to protecting and conserving forested areas and biodiversity
It ’ s the heavy rain
Terengganu government denies deforestation at Tasik Kenyir
P29 RM1.2m for mangrove conservation
Remedial action involves restoration efforts by local communities
P30 Capitalising on partnerships
Vinod Sekhar Foundation supports RIMAU ’ s holistic approach to save the Malayan tiger
It ’ s now or never !
We need a change in mindset and thinking , especially among the younger population , to be more concerned about the environment

It ’ s frustrating …

WE HAVEN ’ T even completed the first half of 2022 , but many things are already happening in different parts of the world .

One of them is the Russian- Ukraine conflict which has devastated the lives of so many people . The war has also led to increased prices of crude oil and other commodities worldwide .
This hike in fuel price has made the government think twice about its fuel subsidy programme . According to Finance Minister Tengku Zafrul , the country may have to fork out RM28 billion for the programme if the price of crude oil continues to rise above US $ 100 per barrel .
As a result , the government will be reviewing the subsidies so they will be targeted toward vulnerable groups . Realistically speaking , completely removing the subsidies may help tackle climate change , but the move will significantly impact the livelihoods of so many people .
The increase in fuel prices will also increase the cost of almost everything , including the food supply . Interestingly , some people say these “ vulnerable groups ” may not utilise the fuel targeted .
Rather , everyone needs food , and food companies need profits . These vulnerable groups will be most impacted by the rising cost of goods and services caused by rising crude oil prices .
It is almost impossible to escape this cycle . As a nation , we are indeed overly dependent on fossil fuels . This scenario needs to change in moving towards becoming a low-carbon country .
But , the changes must not be to the detriment of society . Reviewing the subsidies may be a good move , but the government needs to make extra effort to control the price increase of goods and services .
Otherwise , businesses will continue to profit while consumers pay for higher living costs .
If government favours will always be on the side of the rich and people in power , how can a mere citizen and consumer sustain our livelihood and feed our families like the rest of us ? p20
Recycling electric vehicle batteries
Some components contain toxic materials , heavy metals and chemicals that will pollute the environment
Carbon tax projections for Malaysia
Carbon taxation could be introduced without financially burdening the low-income segment of the population
Race to ( net ) zero ( R2Z ) emissions
MyRER has mentioned and proposed the development of hybrid hydro / solar PV systems at existing reservoirs
What to make of carbon tax hikes in Singapore ?
Hikes bring risks and opportunities alike for Singapore and Singaporeans p24