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City Expo Malaysia 2021 recorded more than 30,000 booth visitors

WITH EMERGING global issues such as climate change and rapid urbanisation , cities are becoming more and more vulnerable . During the closing ceremony of City Expo Malaysia ( CEM ) 2021 , Malaysian Institute of Planners ( MIP ) President Datin Noraida Saludin said this during her speech and launch of the logo for MIP ’ s 50th anniversary . She shared the organisation had a humble beginning and never forgot its roots and objective to promote the science and arts of town planning for the benefit of the public .

“ City Expo Malaysia is one of MIP ’ s ongoing efforts in engaging and educating the people of the importance of being part of the process in shaping the future of cities , shaping their own destiny as mankind ,” stated Noraida .
CEM 2021 wrapped up its one-month virtual exhibition on Nov 8 , 2021 . The event , organised by MIP and Nextdor Property Communications , began with a four-day insightful forum featuring prominent speakers . The discussions involved a wide range of topics from cities to sustainability .
In total , the expo had gathered 4542 registered participants from 53 countries and featured 51 exhibitors . The total number of forum viewers was 11017 , with an average of 2500 participants attending it per day . A total of 32998 booth visitors were also recorded visiting the expo , exceeding the organiser ’ s initial target of 10000 visitors .
CEM Chairman Ihsan Zainal Mokhtar , in his closing speech , said : “ Despite the challenges , CEM 2021 has proven to be a resilient tool during the pandemic , enabling users to engage , explore and learn from one
Datuk Seri Mahadi Che Ngah
Datin Noraida Saludin
Ihsan Zainal Mokhtar
another despite distances , time zones and backgrounds .”
He hoped the event left memorable impressions for speakers and participants and would continue to be well-organised , supported and fully utilised in the future as a common educational platform for cityrelated solutions .
Some of the expo exhibitors were UN- Habitat , Iskandar Regional Development Authority ( IRDA ), AJM Planning & Urban Design Group , Urban Scale Studio Sdn Bhd and Commonwealth Association of Planners .
Getting to know Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur was granted city status on Feb 1 , 1972 . The city has evolved over the years and many new initiatives have been introduced in the past year to move Kuala Lumpur towards an inclusive , sustainable , resilient , and progressive city .
As the strategic partner of CEM 2021 , Kuala Lumpur City Hall ( DBKL ) had a unique programme during the event entitled ‘ DBKL Branded Content Day ’, a day aimed at getting participants to know more about the city .
The first presentation during the special programme was delivered by Datuk Seri Mahadi Che Ngah , the Mayor of Kuala Lumpur . The title of his presentation was ‘ 100 Years of Kuala Lumpur ’ s Sustainability Journey & Challenges ’.
Like all cities worldwide , Kuala Lumpur has faced many urban challenges that have shaped the city ’ s current landscape . Some of the challenges include frequent floods , notably in 1902 and 1917 , economic recession , and continued population growth .
“ In proactively addressing this issue ( population growth ), and as a part of our efforts to ensure all citizens have access for shelter , DBKL built numerous low-cost public housing over the years to accommodate squatters as well as low-income citizens ,” said Mahadi .
“ In addressing the needs of our growing city , KL Sentral was developed to become a public transportation hub for the city . At the same time , it also connects Kuala Lumpur to the KL International Airport ( KLIA ).”
He noted the city stood firmly as the central point of employment , education , start-up businesses and other growth prospects . Mahadi believed effective urban planning was vital in addressing urban issues in Kuala Lumpur .
“ Most importantly , it is key to establishing a more sustainable future and realising our new vision of Kuala Lumpur as a city for all .”
He revealed Kuala Lumpur had reaffirmed its strong commitment towards reducing 70 per cent of carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 . With this bold commitment in mind , DBKL had introduced several strategic blueprints and master plans over the years in driving the carbon neutrality target .
“ The Draft Kuala Lumpur Structure Plan 2040 ( KLSP2040 ) was introduced in March 2020 with a vision of developing Kuala Lumpur into a city for all , with an emphasis on sharing , inclusivity and equality .”
In executing its action plans , DBKL implemented some green and low mobility initiatives in the city , such as :
• Solar panels installation ( Eg : IKEA Cheras , DUKE Plaza Tol )
• Rainwater harvesting system
• Improving solid waste management
• Urban farming
• Extensive rail network
• KL car-free morning “ In line with City Expo Malaysia 2021 ’ s theme of 100 years advancing our cities , the hope is we will not only celebrate our achievements but continue to collectively seek out solutions . Together , let us create a greater Kuala Lumpur , one that is more liveable .
Other speakers during the programme included Datuk Sulaiman Mohamed , Executive Director ( Planning ) of DBKL ; Datuk Azmi Abdul Hamid , Executive Director ( Project Management ) of DBKL ; Datuk Sr Kamarulzaman Mat Salleh , Executive Director ( Management ) of DBKL ; Anwar Mohd . Zain , Executive Director ( Socio- Economic Development ) of DBKL .
The DBKL Branded Content Day also featured pocket talks from Ismail Abdullah , President & CEO of International Green Training Centre ; Dr Nurfashareena Muhamad , Research Fellow in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia ; Dr Azmizam Abdul Rashid , Deputy CEO of Urbanice Malaysia and Mariana Isa , Co-Director of Heritage Output Lab . — @ Green