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Ramli Mohd Tahir , KDEBWM Managing Director .
efficient and reliable staff with multidisciplinary expertise and vast experience in various industries .”
A waste management company needs to be supported by proper logistics and assets .
“ We have invested close to RM290 million over the past six years to beef up our assets and logistics . Now , we have the largest fleet of garbage trucks in the country .”
Currently , KDEBWM owns 490 units of garbage compactors , 591 units of Armroll / Roll-On-Off ( RORO ), six Catch Basin Cleaners ( CBC ), two high-pressure waterjets , two road-sweepers and 12 4WD vehicles .
To differentiate itself in the market , KDEBWM introduced and adopted smart technologies and innovations , such as IoT and Artificial Intelligence ( AI ), in their business model and daily operations , which has been the trendsetter for the industry .
To improve and upgrade our system and services , we adapted and implemented to the new system , technology and IoTs . We want to run our operations and address issues and complaints more intelligently .”
“ To improve and upgrade our system and services , we adapted and implemented to the new system , technology and IoTs . We want to run our operations and address issues and complaints more intelligently .”
I-Clean Selangor app is one of the earlier smart innovations that KDEBWM developed to ensure complaints by the public and stakeholders are addressed more tactfully and systematically .
The app facilitates residents in Selangor to submit complaints on waste collection and public cleansing to , KDEBWM more efficiently .
“ Via the app , people can share images of the uncollected wastes or uncleaned drainage along with the GPS location , and we will respond immediately .
“ Vehicle Monitoring System ( VMS ) is a device installed at our garbage trucks so that KDEBWM can track the movement of the trucks to ensure it has gone through the areas on the stipulated schedule .
“ This device will track and monitor whether our garbage trucks have performed the collection accordingly and ensure that we surpass the KPI set by the local council .”
KDEBWM is more than ready to offer solid waste management services across Malaysia and globally .
He said the company has participated in a few tenders in Melaka , Sabah and Pakistan and will continue participating in projects other than in Selangor .
“ While our brand as a Smart Waste Management Company is a local brand , we are aiming to become a worldclass player as a total waste solution provider .”
Challenges in the waste industry
Ramli noted the budget allocated for the waste industry was low .
" Although the waste industry rate received by KDEBWM is low , the service rendered to the people of Selangor is first-class .
“ The authority has got to take this industry seriously as it affects the standard of living of the 2.1 million taxpayers to lead a clean , healthy and safe lifestyle .
“ More budget should be allocated to ensure all categories of waste management in Selangor is managed , be they domestic waste collection , public cleansing , ICI and schedule waste .”
Getting local workers and crews are amongst the biggest challenges for this industry . From KDEBWM ’ s experience , local people hardly accept employment in the waste management sector . Hence , the dependency on foreign workers .
Operations during the pandemic and floods
Waste management is one of the important service sectors during the Movement Control Order ( MCO ). As usual , waste collection and public cleansing are carried out according to the work schedule set in all Local Authority ( PBT ) areas in Selangor .
During this pandemic , there were various challenges in managing solid waste collection and public cleansing services , especially in areas under the Enhanced Movement Control Order ( EMCO ).
Crew members and supervisors faced difficulties conducting collection and cleaning services in high-risk areas , as there was fear of getting infected .
“ We ensured that all Standard Operation Procedures ( SOP ) are complied with and provided crew members with PPE suits , masks and hand sanitisers .
“ It is compulsory for all staff and crew to get vaccinated . We want to make sure all staff and crew work in a safe and healthy environment .”
All KDEBWM 400-strong staff and crew of 11,000 were vaccinated under the Free Vaccination Programme as part of its CSR activities . KDEBWM bore the costs .
The company also donated more than 2,000 waste and recycle bins to NGOs , local councils , schools and mosques and does community work such as gotong-royong and donated basic food necessities to B40 families , the needy and those unemployed due to Covid-19 .
KDEBWM spent RM11 million during the Selangor flood disaster on waste collection and clean-up operations .
“ This was our first time dealing with post-flood clean-up efforts . We had to make sure that unaffected areas ’ waste collections and cleansing operations went on as usual while we mobilized the remaining assets to all the affected areas .”
Almost 50,000 tonnes of bulk waste were collected and sent to the respective sanitary landfills between Dec 22 , 2021 and Jan 7 , 2022 . — @ Green